Planeta Woodworking

Etched Pint Glasses


Introducing our meticulously crafted 16 Ounce Pint Glasses, where precision meets style. These glasses stand out with the intricate Durham Town Seal laser-etched onto them, promising longevity that surpasses traditional vinyl decals with a tempered rim for mixing. It's your chance to proudly display your unwavering Town Spirit with every sip.

Custom Glasses are Available for the Same Price! You can just put what you’d like engraved on the glass, or on a set of glasses in the order notes, and we will work with you to design them! Whether it's a name, special message, or unique design, Planeta Woodworking will make sure we create a masterpiece to your liking.

Get them Quick! Limited Supply Available!

Personalized Glasses

Personalized Option, Town Seal Option, Bulk Logo Option