Planeta Woodworking

Hand Spun Bowls

$34.99 $49.99you save $15.00

One of these bowls is a must have in your house, kitchen or practically anywhere! They are made from hand cut boards, and they are then layered, and hand spun on a lathe. Spinning bowls is nowhere near easy. It takes approximately 3 hours to spin one small bowl, especially when dealing with hardwoods.

This specific bowl measures 5″ across (diameter) and 4″ Tall. It’s perfect to use as a candy dish, or just storage around the house.

Custom Sizes are available for bowls as well. We can make bowls of any size, and depth. For a complimentary quote, contact us through the custom order form, and be sure to state your dimensions (approximate, and preferred wood colors).

Planeta Woodworking Products are backed by a 1 year manufacturers warranty that covers any defects in the piece caused by a defect in the manufacturing process. This warranty does not cover every day wear and tear, or damage caused by dropping the piece. It only covers issues that caused the product to become defective, like if a cutting board fell apart due to a glue joint failure.