Planeta Woodworking

Professional Cutting Board Refinishing


Planeta Woodworking is pleased to release our brand new cutting board refinishing service. A service that you can purchase online for a fixed fee* and then ship your existing cutting board back to us, (provided a return shipping label), and we will completely refinish it; through a process of planning, sanding, and re-oiling. It will then be meticulously examined for any imperfections before being shipped right back to your door in pristine condition. We can guarantee that the board will be in better condition than when you first got it (non-Planeta Woodworking Boards), or just as good as when you first got it.

We accept any cutting boards in reasonably good condition: no broken boards, boards with major cracks are not accepted. Before we begin the refinishing process your board is examined for any major damage or issues. If any arise, we will apply the purchase amount to a new board.

Customers who choose to send their board back agree that it is our discretion, based on the board condition that we receive, as to if we decide to refinish the board or apply the purchase amount towards a new board.

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 3 in
Size Range

Smaller Boards (8" – 16" Length), Larger Boards (16"+ Length)