Planeta Woodworking

"Dusk" - Walnut Cutting Board


Introducing our "Dusk" Cutting Board, inspired by the ever-so magnificent moment when the sun sets and night falls on the world. The exquisite board is meticulously hand-crafted from the exotic Padauk wood complemented with White Oak and Walnut. The White Oak and Padauk woods represent the hues of the setting sun setting. The Walnut wood embodies the onset of nightfall.

Just like all of our other cutting boards, this board has a double treatment of Food Grade Mineral Oil, and it is heat treated with Butcher Block Conditioner (a Mineral Oil and Beeswax Combination). This ensures that the "Dusk" cutting board is not only a beautiful finish but also resistant to wear and moisture.

The "Dusk" Cutting Board is not just a kitchen tool; it's a piece of functional art that captures the essence of a serene evening transition. It's ready to be the center of whatever meal you prepare.