Planeta Woodworking

Artisan Style Roses: The Gift that NEVER Wilts!


Have you ever wondered about Roses, or flowers of any kind? They are great gifts, but even when watered and fed regularly, they only last for a week or two! Now, at Planeta Woodworking, we have developed a type of Rose that does not wilt at all! These Roses will last for years and years to come! It’s the Gift that keeps on Giving!

For Valentine’s Day this year, get your loved one a set of these Roses! Choose from the most common “Lovely” sayings or pick a custom name; or phrase and we will make it special for you!

These roses are also shipped in special crinkle paper, to make the opening experience even more exciting!

Small Roses are approximately 8″ in Length, and Large ones are approximately 12″ in Length.

You might want to add a special note in your package, and ship it directly to your special person…or leave it anonymous; the choice is yours! 😉