Planeta Woodworking

Maple, Walnut & Purple Heart Butcher Block


Our Cutting Boards are constructed with top notch quality standards in mind. We do not rush the process of making cutting boards because we feel that the longer it takes, the higher quality product. Our Cutting Boards are perfect for every day use. They are treated with 2 coats of Food Safe Cutting Board Oil and 2 Coats of Butcher Block Conditioner. All Boards are visually inspected for defects before they are listed on our website or sold to a customer.

This particular Board is 17″ Long, 14.5″ Wide and 1.25″ Thick, it is made from Purple Heart, Maple, & Walnut Hardwoods.

Be sure to pick up some extra board wax or our Cutting Board Care Kit when ordering to extend your cutting board’s lifetime and to prevent drying and cracking.

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 18 × 4 in