Planeta Woodworking



Our brand new series is called the “One of a Kind Series,” and it includes completely unique charcuterie boards and serving boards. One of the things our customers look for is uniqueness, instead of the same/or similar products. We developed this series to completely be environmentally friendly. All of our “One of a Kind” Series boards are made from recycled off-cuts from our other products, thus not one new piece of wood is used in the making of these boards.

They range from generic 3-wood designs to boards with over 10 different types of wood, and the possibility of 20 different strips in one board!

This particular board is about 20″ Tall, and 9″ Wide and it is made from New England Sourced Ash and rare East Indian Rosewood. East Indian Rosewood is a very rare exotic wood with a very nice contrast to ash.

We have two of these in stock, but they will go fast so order now for next-day shipping! We will include samples of cutting board oil and butcher block conditioner so that you can keep your board shiny, clean, and waterproof!